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apps Update CountStats fixture for current model.
docs add Schulze ranked voting
locale add some translations
media Add XRU (Imperial Russia) flag icon, same as RU
templates editing singleton seried data while issue is reserved
.gitignore Added initial fixture for Currency table.
README.txt Attempting to reorganize things. Initial Python 2.7 / Django 1.4 updates
requirements.txt add Schulze ranked voting


This is a new implementation of the Grand Comics Database in Python
using the Django framework.

See the Technical section at for platform-specific
setup instructions, a guide to the project structure, and other important

Please join the gcd-tech list for help and to find out where we could use
your contributions.

To report bugs or find bugs to work on:

    * Bugs in the NEW state are available for work.
    * Bugs in the ASSIGNED state are being worked on.

    Be sure to "Accept" a bug to put it in the ASSIGNED state
    before you start working on it.  Unlike in many Bugzilla installations,
    "Accept"ing a bug will automatically reassign it to you.

    If you are unfamiliar with the code, contact the gcd-tech list
    before starting to submit fixes.

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