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Security and privacy focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility. We focus on developing substantial privacy and security improvements.


  1. Issue tracker for GrapheneOS Android Open Source Project hardening work. Standalone projects like Auditor, AttestationServer and hardened_malloc have their own dedicated trackers.

    174 13

  2. Repo manifest for the GrapheneOS mobile privacy and security hardening project.

    160 62

  3. Hardened allocator designed for modern systems. It has integration into Android's Bionic libc and can be used externally with musl and glibc as a dynamic library for use on other Linux-based platfo…

    C 732 73

  4. Auditor Public

    Hardware-based attestation / intrusion detection app for Android devices. It provides both local verification with another Android device via QR codes and optional scheduled server-based verificati…

    Java 292 70

  5. Server code for use with the Auditor app: It provides two services: submission of attestation data samples and a remote attestation implementation with email …

    Java 64 34

  6. Hardened Android standard C library. Some of the past hardening has not yet been ported from Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo to this Android Pie repository. Most is available via archived tags in http…

    Assembly 62 28