Golang library for various Orvibo products (S20 sockets, AllOne etc.)
Latest commit 5a3e0ea Aug 19, 2015 @Grayda More rewritey goodness!
Made sendMessage more dynamic. You now pass it a command ID and some
data and it puts together the packet for you.



go-orvibo is an event driver library for controlling various Orvibo products, including the AllOne and the S10 / S20 Wi-Fi sockets.


See tests/main.go for a full example

To run the test, simply run go run main.go from the directory.

To Do

  • Add in IR support (DONE!)
  • Add in set up feature as per https://stikonas.eu/gitweb/?p=s20.git;a=summary
  • Support for Kepler and RF switches (basic RF implemented, untested)
  • Code cleanup
  • Add func examples to tests/main.go to show how to toggle state, learn IR etc.


If you wish to assist with development, you can do so one of four ways:

  1. Fork the project and submit pull requests
  2. Donate hardware or Wireshark captures (Kepler and AllOne with RF switch captures welcomed)
  3. Donate money. This will help me buy hardware or cover any costs associated with the project
  4. Spread the word! The more people who know about this, the better. If your project uses go-orvibo, let me know!