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Raspberry Pi Zero game console for use with PICO-8 The hardware and software is sill under development!


Rev. 01. board error:

  • Error: Speaker- an audio amp. output- connected to GND.
    Solution: Do not wire speaker and audio amp. output (PAD5 and PAD6) to PCB, please connect speaker to audio amp. output via wire.
    Drawback: Headphone connector not working
  • Error: ADC input direct connected to batterie A result in applying ~0.6 V to 3.3 V supply if batterie is attached and device is off.
    Solution: Do not assamble MCP3202 (IC1).
    Drawback: No batterie monitoring possible.


  • Multiple display options - 160x128 or 320x240
  • Audio (speaker / handphone)
  • Classic dual NiMH AA-Batterie supply
  • Batterie monitoring
  • GPIOs (LED bar)
  • Vibration motors
  • Low cost

OS installation

  • Download latest Raspjamming-Image and flash to SD card
  • Unzip ( to boot partiton (Executabe needed pico-8/pico8) from
  • Activate line 'include Pi-XO.txt' in config.txt file
  • Activate correct Display Option 1-3 including resolution in Pi-XO.txt file
    • Display 1: 320x240 Display mounted far right side
    • Display 2: 160x128 Display mounted right side
    • Display 3: 160x128 Display mounted left side


  • Fn-Button and Up/Down-Button: Volume control
  • Fn-Button and Left/Right-Button: Display brightness (Display 1 and 2)
  • Fn-Button and P-Button: Shutdown


Circuit diagram



Components list

1 x Female pin header socket 2x20 (JP1) 1 x Switch 3-pin (S9, Device on/off)
1 x 2Pin + Jumper or Switch 2-pin (JP6, vibration motors on/off)
8 x Tactile switch 6x6mm (S1-S8)
1 x Audio amplifier board PAM8302 (JP3, do not connect PAD5 and PAD6)
1 x DD0606SA_3V7 - DC/DC Step Up Converter to 3.7V (JP2)
1 x Speaker 8 Ohm (connect to amplifier board PAM8302 Output via wire, SP1)
1 x LED bar 8 segments (LB10, align right site)
1 x Resistor array 1K (RN1)
2 x Vibration motor (JP4, JP5)
2 x AA Batterie holder (needs DC/DC Step Up Converter) or dual AAA Batterie holder (no DC/DC Step Up Converter needed) (PAD1, PAD2, PAD3, PAD4)
2 x BC547B transisior (T1, T2)
1 x BC557B transisior (Q2)
2 x Resistor 2K2 Ohm (Transistor base vibration motor: R1, R2)
1 x Resistor 270 Ohm (Audio filter: R3)
1 x Resistor 150 Ohm (Audio filter: R4)
3 x Resistor 1K Ohm (protection UART: R5, R6; transisitor background LED display: R7)
1 x Capacitor 33 nF (C1)
1 x Electrolytic capacitor 10 uF/6.3 V (C2)
1 x Capacitor 100 nF (C5)
1 x Electrolytic capacitor 330 uF/6.3 V (C6)
1 x MCP3202 (IC1, do not connect)
1 x Headphone connector (X2, do not connect)
2 x Diode 1N4001 (D2 or D4, D1 or D3)
1 x 1,8" Display 160x128 ST7735 11-pin (JP7) or 8-pin (JP11) -
2,2" Display 320x240 ILI9341 9-pin (JB8) -

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