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// Edited for Litecoin Pools

// This file is a work in progress and may not be complete and/or additional steps may need to be taken. 

mmcFE is inspired by Simplecoin and borrow(ed)(s) greedily from that original code base. It is the intention
of this project to clean up the the original Simplecoin code and over time, completely re-write portions 
of it.

(The original Simplecoin project is maintained by Mike Allison <>) and can easily be
found with a quick search online. 


	- curl
	- litecoind
	- pushpool
	- mysql
	- php
	- php5-cli

Layout and Configuration:
	You should have the following directories with this package. 


	- grep for $includeDirectory in all of these directories and make sure you edit this value. 
	- In cronjobs/ you will find the meat of the code which is the front-end engine.  Check out
	  the readme in that directory and make sure you set up site specific vars in all scripts in 
	  this directory. 

	- In sql/ is the database schema which you will need to import into your mysql database. 

	- In www/includes/ pay attention to universalCheckLogin.php and requiredFunctions.php which 
	  will need tweaked to your needs.

	- 'www/includes/templates/' is where you will find the basic static content templates so you can edit
	  the content of the site.  

	- scripts/ contains some debugging utilities.  You can ignore them. 

Important Extras:
	It's also important to configure some rewrite rules for apache or the code will not work in its current form (linking
	will be broken). 

	        RewriteEngine on
	        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
	        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}\.php -f
	        RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1.php

	This simply allows all .php files to be called without their extension.  You can enable this via an .htaccess file or 
	simply edit the appropriate config file for apache. 

	For security reasons,  its also not a bad idea to disable direct access to the includes/ directory.  This can also be 
	done via an .htaccess file or in the web server configuration itself.  With apache this would be done like so:

        <Directory /sites/mmc/www/includes/>
                Order allow,deny
                deny from all

To install, you will have to:
* Import install.sql
* Create a user for the database
* Set permissions for the user
* Set to run at regular intervals (not absolutely required, but a good idea)
* Set some settings in www/includes/requiredFunctions.php

Graphs in statsAuth.php may not work unless you have PHP 5.3 (not 5.4).
It might work on 5.2, but I have not tested that.

NOTE: I didn't realize that if you have the rewrite module loaded in your webserver, and the .htaccess is used, you shouldn't have any issue running this. Since I didn't know that, a number of files had the .php added.
If the current code does not work, then use the git reset command to go back to the Initial Upload commit.

NOTE: For *nix users, remember to run /scripts/