Autosplitter for The End Is Nigh.
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Autosplitter for The End Is Nigh.

Setup instructions

There are two ways to set up the autosplitter. Before you start, you'll need LiveSplit (the most recent version is 1.7.5).

Method one:

  • Launch LiveSplit, then go to Edit Splits.
  • Choose The End Is Nigh as your game. After a moment, you should see the autosplitter section activate (with the text "Autosplitter for The End Is Nigh").
  • Click Activate, then modify settings as needed.

Important note: Using this first method, the death count display will not appear. In the autosplitter settings, there's a checkbox to display death count. It works using the second method (described below), but not when activated through Edit Split. This is a design choice by LiveSplit.

Method two:

  • Go to the releases section of this repository.
  • Download LiveSplit.TheEndIsNigh.dll. You do not need to download the full source code.
  • Place the DLL inside your LiveSplit/Components folder.
  • Open LiveSplit, edit layout, and add the autosplitter (under the Control section).
  • Configure the autosplitter for whatever splits you're using, optionally using default splits.

Additional notes

  • The autosplitter's splits are separate from your main LiveSplit splits. In other words, the autosplitter will not auto-configure itself based on your existing splits.
  • That said, your autosplitter settings should include the same number of splits as your main splits (to ensure the autosplitter splits the correct number of times).
  • Splits should be configured for the end of whatever section you're on. For example, to split at the end of The End, select Arid Flats (i.e. you want to split when you enter Arid Flats).
  • The default split buttons are just a convenience. After clicking one, you can still freely modify splits depending on your preferred route.
  • After you've manually set up the autosplitter once, it will automatically update itself going forward (when you restart LiveSplit).