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Welcome to the raptor wiki!

When you create a new game from the template, you will find a preset structure of folders and rooms in the project. Of course, you are not forced to work in this structure, but the way it is set up currently allows you to press F5 immediately after creating the project and you have your initialization, all libraries, external files, snap, scribble and the required controller objects at hand, initialized and working.

Working with raptor

  • Example ProjectsA short description to each of the example projects contained in the repository
    The examples shall help you understand how your thinking pattern should work when doing things "the raptor way"

Create a game

Installing the Template Step-by-Step how to get the template working in your GameMaker installation
Project Template Overview All details about the contents of the template and how to start developing your game
Starting for the first time Please read Project Template Overview first!


Global #macros Some platform objects fill global variables with self to have easy access to them
Self and View #macros Macros that help in positioning and calculating object positions
Utility and Helper #macros QoL macros that make some of the GML stuff a bit easier to read

All subsystems explained

raptor's object model The most important objects and their hierarchy, raptor provides
Savegame System All you need to know when saving/loading your game state
LG Localization Powerful and feature-rich engine to localize your game
RACE (The Random Content Engine) Endless ways to create random content
StateMachine Control your objects, control your game
Animation Powerful and more easy to use than sequences
UI Basic Controls Basic Ui support
Tools, other Objects and Helpers Lots of stuff here