A Silex extension for Guzzle (a PHP HTTP client and web service framework)
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Guzzle Silex Service Provider

The GuzzleServiceProvider provides a Guzzle ServiceBuilder and default Client object through Michael Dowling’s Guzzle framework. Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client and framework for building RESTful web service clients.

You will need to install a copy of Guzzle in order to use this service provider.


  • guzzle.class_path: (optional) Path to where the Guzzle library is located.
  • guzzle.services: (optional) array|string|SimpleXMLElement Data describing your web service clients. You can pass the path to a file (.xml|.js|.json), an array of data, or an instantiated SimpleXMLElement containing configuration data. See the Guzzle docs for more info.
  • guzzle.builder_format: (optional) Pass the file extension (xml, js, json) when using a file that does not use the standard file extension


  • guzzle: An instantiated Guzzle ServiceBuilder.
  • guzzle.client: A default Guzzle web service client using a dumb base URL.


require __DIR__ . '/../silex.phar';
require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/Guzzle/GuzzleServiceProvider.php';

use Silex\Application;
use Guzzle\GuzzleServiceProvider;

$app = new Application();

$app->register(new GuzzleServiceProvider(), array(
    'guzzle.services' => '/path/to/services.js',
    'guzzle.class_path' => '/path/to/guzzle/src'

Example Usage

Using the instantiated ServiceBuilder:

// Get a command from your Amazon S3 client
$command = $app['guzzle']['s3']->getCommand('bucket.list_bucket');

$objects = $client->execute($command);
foreach ($objects as $object) {
    echo "{$object['key']} {$object['size']}\n";

Using the Guzzle client:

$response = $app['guzzle.client']->head('http://www.guzzlephp.org/')->send();

More information

More information about Guzzle ServiceBuilders can be found at http://guzzlephp.org/tour/using_services.html#instantiating-web-service-clients-using-a-servicebuilder