A wrapper for ESPTOOL.exe + PowerShell to make flashing/programming ESP Easy units more streamline
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ESP Easy Flasher

ESP Easy Flasher GUI


ESP Easy Flasher is a wrapper for the great ESPTOOL.exe and Power Shell to be able to easily flash and program ESP8266 units with the firmware ESP Easy. All needed files are included in the EXE file, just download it and place it where you want it. It will extract needed file structure and missing files automatically. The idea behind the app is to make the flashing and setup of ESP Easy FW as stream lined as possible. It's still a very early stage but should hopefully be functional for most use-cases.


+ Flash ESP8266 (+ESP8285) using embedded ESPTOOL.exe [0.4.12]
+ Use maximum baud rate if wanted
+ Use forced DOUT if wanted
+ Monitor serial (COM) port using embedded plink.exe
- Erase flash (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
- Scan for ESP model + size of mem (NOT IMPLEMENTED)


+ NO NEED FOR AP MODE setup: set Unit name, number, admin password, Wifi settings, IP, right after flash


  • ONLY WINDOWS is supported (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7) since it rely on PowerShell v2+ to serial communicate with the units.
  • Agency FB is the font used within the app, if not present the app will kindly ask you to drag-and-drop the two font files found in the APP_DATA folder to the FONTS folder (automatically opened).
  • Admin rights are needed to be able to get COM port names (driver names).
  • BIN files need to be placed in the BIN folder (might change in the future but I plan to automatically download new releases from GitHub)
  • Rules (txt) files need to be placed in the Rules folder.
  • Log files for each flash will be placed in the Log folder.
  • Debug log is created by: save settings and open the ini file, change debug level 0 to 1, restart app and a bug log file will appear in the same place as the exe. Debug logs are sent here, but please add information (email, name etc.) in the text file prior to upload!
  • ERROR handling if the flash tool is telling you that an error has occurred, a standard test is to simply reset the unit (if the unit has a switch for this, use that one, else disconnect the cable) and then try again. Flashing over serial is not an exact science.
  • Post flash handling after a successful flash you can use the tool to also program the unit over the serial connection. Using the text input fields in the GUI (unit info and wifi settings) you can make the ESP login to your network without the need for it to be connected using the access point mode. BUT, some units have a hard time rebooting after flash (the default way is that the flash tool will make the unit reboot after successful flash). To fix this I have added the functionality of having the application pause right after the flash and prior to the post flash sequence, this allows you to manually reboot/reset a unit that doesn't respond to the serial communication automatically.

I plan add more features on a weekly basis. Thanks for all the feedback!


+ Green is a feature already implemented
- Red is on the todo-list


  • GUI is sometimes acting weird. You can fix this by saving the settings and in the Default.ini change the "Pixels Per Inch" to something more or less than the current value. Re-launch the app and it will show up bigger/smaller than before.