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🌱 Growstuff

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Welcome to the Growstuff project.

You can find our app at

Growstuff is an open source/open data project for food gardeners. We crowdsource information on what our members are growing and harvesting, aggregate it, and make it available as open data via our API.

Growstuff was founded in 2012 and has been built by dozens of contributors. We are an inclusive, welcoming project, and encourage participation from people of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Important links

  • Issues (features we're working on, known bugs, etc)
  • Gitter
  • Wiki (general documentation, etc. Help by migrating from the old wiki)

For coders

Growstuff is built in Ruby on Rails and also uses JavaScript for frontend features. We welcome contributions -- see CONTRIBUTING for details.

For designers, writers, researchers, data wranglers, and other contributors

There are heaps of ways to get involved and contribute no matter what your skills and interests.

You might like to check out:

Here on Github, you might find these useful:

Feel free to comment on any of the issues on Github.


For more information about this project, contact

Security Issues: If you find an authorization bypass or data breach, please contact our maintainers directly at

You can also contact us on Twitter or Facebook or Github..