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GtkSharp is a C# wrapper for Gtk and its related components. The component list includes the following libraries: glib, gio, cairo, pango, atk, gdk. This is a fork of and is maintained completly separatly from that project.

Differences can be seen with the following table:

Target framework Target Gtk Version Extra notes
GtkSharp .NET Standard 2.0 Gtk 3.22 Does not need glue libraries.
mono/gtksharp .NET Framework 4.5 Gtk 2 (also Gtk 3.0 but never officially released)

Building from source

Pre requirements for building from source are that you have .Net Core and msbuild installed on the system.

To build the repository, first clone it:

git clone
cd GtkSharp

and then simply run either .\build.ps1 or ./ depending your operating system. If you have Cake installed as a .NET global tool just run dotnet-cake.

If you wish to generate the nuget packages simply add the --BuildTarget=PackageNuGet as an argument when calling the build script.

A breakdown on how the source is structured:

  • Tools that are needed to generate wrapper code are found in Tools folder
  • The actual wrappers code is found in Libs folder
  • Templates are located in Templates folder
  • Build script is separated between build.cake and CakeScripts folder

Using the library

On macOS, you'll need to manually install Gtk, see Installing Gtk on Mac wiki page for more details on how to do it.

Available NuGet packages:

To create a new gtk app project, simply use dotnet new templating engine:

  • install: dotnet new --install GtkSharp.Template.CSharp
  • uninstall: dotnet new --uninstall GtkSharp.Template.CSharp
  • generate project: dotnet new gtkapp


GtkSharp and its related components are licensed under LGPL v2.0 license, while Samples are licenced under The Unlicense.