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Midday Commander is a pseudographical file managing utility, heaviliy inspired by FAR and VC design.
It does terminal visuals without terminal and provides retro vibes using latest techologies available.
Latest version:


Midday Commander has been entirelly made in Nim 1.4.0 with external Raylib Forever package by raysan5 and me.
You can get libraylib.* binaries for your target platform here: Compilation can be achieved through automated build script provided as release.nims.


  • Split-screen quickview.
  • Vintage control buttons scheme.
  • Full mouse support with drag/drop.
  • Original UI design, not based on common OS controls layouts.
  • OpenGL-powered pseudographics in classical 16-colors palette.
  • Make, move, copy & rename files and directories like you did in late 80s.
  • Quicksearch, pattern-based selection and 4 sort modes for better folder navigation.
  • gZipped distro is under 1.44MB, so you can easily fit it to your favorite 3.5 floppy disk.

•Brief sampling of retrofuture management•

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