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3D web-based maze game using three.js
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Standard - JavaScript Style Guide license Website

Generates a maze using a randomized depth first search algorithm and turns it into a 3d maze using three.js. The user is placed in the upper left hand corner of the maze and must try to find his/her way to the bottom right hand corner of the maze, which is marked by a hole in the wall.


  • WASD / Arrow keys - Move
  • Mouse - Adjust yaw / look


Ensure that you have npm installed and run:

npm install

Then run:

npm run build-dev

This will bundle all the js and put it in public_html/game.js. After you have game.js, just open public_html/index.html in a web browser.

To bundle all the js and minify it, run:

npm run build-release


Jasmine unit tests are located in the spec directory. To run them, use:

npm test


This project uses JSDoc.

To generate HTML from JSDoc comments, use:

npm run doc

This will output all documentation in the doc directory.


This project uses the JS standard code style.

To run eslint, use:

npm run lint


All code licensed under the MIT license (See LICENSE file). All images licensed under CC0 / Public domain.


  • Add more maze generators
  • Add a page allowing the user to select a maze generator / maze size
  • Document everything
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