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Server Essentials

Minetest mod by GunshipPenguin

A collection of useful commands and features for use by Minetest server administrators.

List of commands:

  • /ping

    • Required privileges: None
    • Pong!
  • /clearinv

    • Required privileges: None
    • Clears your inventory.
  • /godmode

    • Required privileges: godmode
    • Toggles godmode for yourself (infinite health and breath).
  • /kill < playerName >

    • Required privileges: kill
    • Kills specified player.
  • /killme

    • Required Privileges: None
    • Kills self.
  • /heal [ playerName ]

    • Required privileges: heal
    • Heals specified player, if no player is specified, heals self.
  • /motd

    • Required privileges: none
    • Displays server motd.
  • /broadcast

    • Required privileges: broadcast
    • Broadcasts message to entire server.
  • /top

    • Required privileges: top
    • Teleports you ontop of the highest non air node directly above you.
  • /gettime

    • Required privileges: none
    • Gets current time of day.
  • /spawn

    • Required privileges: spawn
    • Only available if static_spawnpoint is set in minetest.conf. Teleports player to static spawnpoint.
  • /setspeed [ playerName ]

    • Required privileges: setspeed
    • Sets speed of player. One represents normal walking speed, 2 represents twice normal speed, etc. If no player name is specified, sets your own speed.
  • /whatisthis

    • Required privileges: None
    • Gets itemstring of currently wielded item.
  • /whois < playerName >

    • Required privileges: whois
    • Gets network information of specified player.

Other features:

See settings.lua to configure these features.

  • Auto afk kicking:

    • Automatically kick afk players after a set amount of time. Players with the canafk privilege can remain afk indefenetly.
  • First time join message:

    • Shows a message when a player joins the server for the first time.
  • Chat spam kicking:

    • Automatically kick players who send chat messages that are greater than a certian length.


A collection of useful commands and features for use by Minetest server administrators.







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