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Requires Autohotkey to run http://ahkscript.org/download/

Autohotkey installed should be exactly Unicode x32 version.



[F1] --- Use Resync Command.

[F2] --- Use Remaining Command.

[F3] --- Over an Item for DPSCalc.

[Ctrl+F3] --- Over an Item for More info on the Internet.

[F4] --- Test Exit to Log In Screen.

[Shift+F4] -- Test Exit to Character Selection.

[Ctrl+F4] -- Test Use Portal.

[F10] -- Send Last Chat Message to Trade Channels 1-10.

[Alt + W] - Change Window to Bordeless, and locks mouse on window.



Gurud for the GUI and lots of improvements.

Wrongusername for the basic AutoFlask/AutoQuit Script

Nipper for the DPSCalc


Original Thread: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo/path-of-exile/poe-bots-programs/451206-poe-autoflask-autoscript-improvements-updates.html