An Android Dialog Lib simplify customization.
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Android Arsenal


An Android Dialog Lib simplify customization. Supprot 2.2+.


  • [Built-in Dialog, convenient to use](#Built-in Dialog)
  • [Abundant Built-in Animations, convenient to use](#Abundant Built-in Animations)
  • [Qucik Customize Dialog](#Qucik Customize Dialog)
  • [Qucik Customize Popup](#Qucik Customize Popup)
  • [Support Customize Dialog Animation](#Customize Dialog Animation)

DemoApk Download

Built-in Dialog

Dialog Description ScreenShot gif
NormalDialog Default(Two Btns) gif
NormalDialog Style Two gif
NormalDialog Custom Attr gif
NormalDialog One Btn gif
NormalDialog Three Btns gif
MaterialDialog Default(Two Btns) gif
MaterialDialog One Btn gif
MaterialDialog Three Btns gif
NormalListDialog Default gif
NormalListDialog Custom Attr gif
NormalListDialog No Title gif
ActionSheetDialog Default gif
ActionSheetDialog No Title gif

Built-in Popup

Popup Description ScreenShot gif
BubblePopup BubblePopup gif

Change Log


  • remove the dependence of NineOldAnimation(only support 3.0+)


  • Combine FlycoAnimation_Lib into FlycoDialog_Lib
  • Fix bug for View in Popup click no response
  • Improve the function of BaseBubblePopup


  • BasePopup small bug fix


  • new added base widget - BasePopup
  • new added built-in widget - BubblePopup
  • BaseDialog support auto dimiss in given delay

Qucik Customize Dialog

  • step1:extends BaseDialog(or BottomBaseDialog or TopBaseDialog)
  • step2:inflate layout and find views in onCreateView method
  • step3:do logic operation in setUiBeforShow method
public class CustomBaseDialog extends BaseDialog<CustomBaseDialog> {
    private TextView tv_cancel;
    private TextView tv_exit;

    public CustomBaseDialog(Context context) {

    public View onCreateView() {
        showAnim(new Swing());

        // dismissAnim(this, new ZoomOutExit());
        View inflate = View.inflate(context, R.layout.dialog_custom_base, null);
        tv_cancel = ViewFindUtils.find(inflate,;
        tv_exit = ViewFindUtils.find(inflate,;
                CornerUtils.cornerDrawable(Color.parseColor("#ffffff"), dp2px(5)));

        return inflate;

    public boolean setUiBeforShow() {
        tv_cancel.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View v) {

        tv_exit.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View v) {

        return false;

Qucik Customize Popup

  • step1:extends BasePopup
  • step2:inflate layout and find views in onCreatePopupView method
  • step3:do logic operation in setUiBeforShow method
public class SimpleCustomPop extends BasePopup<SimpleCustomPop> {
        public SimpleCustomPop(Context context) {

        public View onCreatePopupView() {
            return View.inflate(mContext, R.layout.popup_custom, null);

        public void setUiBeforShow() {



     compile 'com.flyco.dialog:FlycoDialog_Lib:1.2.2@aar'
     compile 'com.flyco.animation:FlycoAnimation_Lib:1.0.0@aar'
     compile 'com.nineoldandroids:library:2.4.0'

After v1.2.6
     compile 'com.flyco.dialog:FlycoDialog_Lib:1.2.8@aar'
     compile 'com.nineoldandroids:library:2.4.0'

After v1.3.0
     compile 'com.flyco.dialog:FlycoDialog_Lib:1.3.2@aar'

Eclispe(no update)

Eclipse Developers should include jars below into your project.