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hera_pspec: HERA delay spectrum estimation

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The hera_pspec library provides all of the tools and data structures needed to perform a delay spectrum analysis on interferometric data. The input data can be in any format supported by pyuvdata, and the output data are stored in HDF5 containers.

For usage examples and documentation, see


Preferred method of installation for users is simply pip install . (or pip install git+ This will install required dependencies. See below for manual dependency management.


If you are using conda, you may wish to install the following dependencies manually to avoid them being installed automatically by pip::

$ conda install -c conda-forge "numpy>=1.15" "astropy>=2.0" h5py pyuvdata scipy matplotlib pyyaml


If you are developing hera_pspec, it is preferred that you do so in a fresh conda environment. The following commands will install all relevant development packages::

$ git clone
$ cd hera_pspec
$ conda create -n hera_pspec python=3
$ conda activate hera_pspec
$ conda env update -n hera_pspec -f ci/hera_pspec_tests.yml
$ pip install -e . 

This will install extra dependencies required for testing/development as well as the standard ones.

Running Tests

Uses the pytest package to execute test suite. From the source hera_pspec directory run: pytest.

Running hera_pspec

See the documentation for an overview and examples of how to run hera_pspec. There are also some example Jupyter notebooks, including examples/PS_estimation_examples.ipynb (a brief tutorial on how to create delay spectra), and examples/PSpecBeam_tutorial.ipynb (a brief tutorial on handling beam objects).