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TextFX plugin for Notepad++
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TextFX is a Notepad++ plugin which performs a variety of common conversions on selected text.

Obsoletion of TextFX

Currently, some plugins are taking over some areas where TextFX is being used:

  • Code alignment
  • NppConverter
  • XBrackets Lite
  • Tidy2

When the list grows long enough, it will become practical to bid farewell to an aging workhorse that has served the community well.

See for above statement.

GitHub fork

Regardless what's been said before, there are people who would like to continue using TextFX. As the project has been dead for 9 years, it was about time to do something about it.

Original source code for version 0.25 (dated 2008) can be fround from That code can be made to build on modern Visual Studio and it supports Unicode, but 64-bit build is impossible.


TextFX is distributed with Notepad++ but is not a part of Notepad++. Please do not post TextFX bugs in the Notepad++ bug tracker unless you believe the cause is Notepad++ and not TextFX.

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(C) 2005-2007 GNU GPL Copyright (C)2003 Don HO ( ) NPPTextFX (C) 2005-2007 by Chris Severance

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