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Mesos deployment for Digitransit platform
Python Shell
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Ansible Azure roles for digitransit deployment

Roles built to deploy a digitransit to microsoft azure platform

It will deploy:

  • Azure application gateway for SSL offload and traffic managment
  • Azure container service using DC/OS as the orchestrator
  • Digitransit docker containers from dockerhub to run the service
  • CDN service to host static content for digitransit project.

some example playbooks are included and can be executed like so.

ansible-playbook -i playbookname.yml

environment_type: PROD or DEV can be passed to the playbook for deploying the correct config some playbooks required ssh keys to be setup for creating services in azure

set the location of your ssh keys according to which keys should be used to create the environment.


ansible-playbook digitransit-create-acs.yml --extra-vars "ssh_keys=/home/username/.ssh/ environment_type=PROD"


AZURE xplat-cli needs to be installed and default subscription set. SSH tunel to DC/OS master



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