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Cubic Stylization

Cubic stylization is a 3D stylization tool. Unlike image stylization (2D to 2D) and non-photorealistic rendering (3D to 2D), cubic stylization is a 3D to 3D stylization algorithm which takes a manifold triangle mesh as input and outputs a cubified triangle mesh.

This is a prototype implementation in MATLAB based on "Cubic Stylization" by Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu and Alec Jacobson.

Get Started

We can download the implementation by cloning the repository

git clone

Once we download the cubic stylization code, we should also clone the only dependency gptoolbox to /path/to/gptoolbox. After cloning the gptoolbox, we need to add the path to gptoolbox by running the following commands in MATLAB

gp_subdirs = split(genpath('/path/to/gptoolbox/'),':');

Now we should be ready to play with cubic stylization! The main.m is the demo code of the Algorithm 1 in the paper. Running it with default parameters will give you the following result

Please visit CubicStylization_Cpp for a faster implementation in C++. Our code is licensed under MPL2. If any questions, please contact Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu (


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