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Smart Accordion Element Tweet

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Live Demo ↗ | Documentation ↗ | Installation ↗

<smart-accordion> is a Custom HTML Element with expandable panels, part of the Smart HTML Elements. Each panel has header and content.

  <smart-accordion-item label="Item 1" content="Content 1" expanded></smart-accordion-item>
  <smart-accordion-item label="Item 2" content="Content 2"></smart-accordion-item>
  <smart-accordion-item label="Item 3" content="Content 3"></smart-accordion-item>  

Screenshot of smart-accordion, using the Material theme

Screenshot of smart-accordion mobile, using the Material theme

Getting Started

Smart HTML Elements components documentation includes getting started, customization and api documentation topics.

Getting Started Documentation | CSS Documentation | API Documentation

The file structure for Smart HTML Elements

  • source/

    Javascript files.

  • source/styles/

    Component CSS Files.

  • demos/

    Demo files

Running demos in browser

  1. Fork the Smart-HTML-Elements-Core repository and clone it locally.

  2. Make sure you have npm installed.

  3. When in the Smart-HTML-Elements-Core directory, run npm install and then bower install to install dependencies.

  4. Run a localhost or upload the demo on a web server. Then run:

  • /demos/smart-accordion/smart-accordion-overview.htm

Following the coding style

We are using ESLint for linting JavaScript code.

Creating a pull request

  • Make sure your code is compliant with ESLint
  • Submit a pull request with detailed title and description
  • Wait for response from one of our team members


Apache License 2.0

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