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Heroku buildpack for ffmpeg

This is a Heroku buildpack for using ffmpeg in your project.
It doesn't do anything else, so to actually compile your app you should use heroku-buildpack-multi to combine it with a real buildpack.

This is a static build of ffmpeg:

./configure --enable-static \
--disable-shared \
--disable-asm \
--enable-libtheora \
--enable-libvorbis \
--extra-libs=-static \
--extra-cflags=--static \


To use this buildpack, you should prepare .buildpacks file that contains this buildpack url and your real buildpack url.

$ cat .buildpacks 

The first build pack is the git URL to this repo. The second build pack is for a Rails app, see for other app build packs.

$ heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=

$ git push heroku master

You can verify installing ffmpeg by following command.

$ heroku run "ffmpeg -version"
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