OpenMax image viewer for the Raspberry Pi
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OMX image viewer

A GPU accelerated image viewer for the Raspberry Pi.


You will need the development header for libjpeg and libpng (Debian: libjpeg8-dev, libpng12-dev). Then build it on the Pi with:

make ilclient

And install with:

sudo make install

Supported images

  • JPEGs

    • non-progressive: OMX.broadcom.image_decode
    • progressive: libjpeg
  • PNGs

    • libpng
  • BMPs

    • libnsbmp
  • GIFs

    • libnsgif
  • TIFFs

    • libtiff


Thanks to:

  • Matt Ownby, Anthong Sale for their hello_jpeg example
  • Jan Newmarch for his blog: Programming AudioVideo on the Raspberry Pi GPU
  • Various authors of example code and other parts (marked in the source files)