Shared resources useful for multiple HabitRPG repositories. Assets (sprites, imgs, etc), CSS, algorithms, and more.
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We've migrated the shared repo into the main repo. The shared repo has been deprecated.

Shared resources useful for the multiple HabitRPG repositories, that way all the repositories remain in-sync with common characteristics. Includes things like:

  • Assets - sprites, images, etc
  • CSS - especially, esp. sprite-sheet mapping
  • Algorithms - level up algorithm, scoring functions, etc
  • View helper functions that may come in handy for multiple client MVCs
  • Item definitions - weapons, armor, pets


  • npm install

  • grunt - after you've made modifications and want to compile the dist files for browser

  • Node.js

    • require ('coffee-script')
    • require('./script/'), require('./script/'), etc.
  • Browser

    • Use <script/> tag to include ./dist/habitrpg-shared.js it will export window.habitrpgShared object.
    • // Use `browser.debug.js' if you want to have sourcemaps. - EDIT: Only one file now, and it has sourcemaps. Fix this
  • Note how to invoke scoring function:

    • algos.score(user, task, direction), etc
    • TODO document all the functions


  • npm test


Shared CSS between the website and the mobile app is a fuzzy area. Spritesheets definitely go in habitrpg-shared (since mobile uses them too). Other things, like customizer buttons, may want to go here? As you find sharable components, (1) move them from the website into habitrpg-shared, (2) remove from website & make sure all html/css references are updated.

Currently, all or most spritesheets are available. They're in css/*.css, but that's not what you want. You want /spritesheets.css which is the concat'd file (using grunt) which includes all the spritesheets. I'd prefer this be in /dist/spritesheets.css for consistency, but it's having image referencing weirdness