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#HackBrexit: Ministers Under The Influence

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Ministers: Under the Influence is a project that came out of the #HackBrexit Hackathon which took place over a weekend. The project has now been pushed into the Hack Brexit accelerator programme and will be developed further over the next few months.

The Project

The aim of Ministers: Under the Influence is to unearth public-but-obscure information about who ministers are meeting. By making this data more accessible we can hope to better hold our government to account. We hope this will feed into a wider project about tracking who is influencing our elected politicians.

Want to get involved?

The Ministers: Under the Influence team will be holding fortnightly Meetups to work on this and other projects being featured in the Hack Brexit Accelerator programme. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Code Organisation

This is a mono repo, a container for all components and services built for this project. The reason for organising our code this way is to enable discovery of code we have completed and to make it easy to add new things - in different languages if wanted.

The file structure is: /src/language/projectname/projectfiles

In addition there is a resources directory at the root of the repository with some sample data for ease of access. There is more sample data in the MinistersUnderTheInfluence-Data repository.


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