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Welcome to the planning repository!

HACKmemphis is organizing a hackathon event in Memphis. Our goal is to bring together tech communities to develop hardware and software projects in Memphis. We are currently planning on having an event on September 14th, 2013. If you would be interested in participating, volunteering, or helping please let us know.

HACKmemphis is organized by a group in Memphis comprised of developers, makers, hackers, and local tech community supporters. We all want to see the local tech scene in Memphis thrive. We are operating under the MidsouthMakers' mutual nonprofit organization. This is a nonprofit venture. All money raised goes directly into creating the best event possible.

Feel free to fork this repo and make changes and issue pull requests. The idea behind using git is that we have an easy system for planning out a hack event.

File Layout:

  • logistics/ - Logistics related info (Led by @critter42
  • marketing/ - Marketing (Led by @Brob
  • registration/ - Registration info
  • sponsorships/ - Sponsorship Tracking / Info (Led by @jakerella
  • - this file
  • - List of Coordinators and Volunteers
  • schedule - Event Schedule
  • - Groups we want to make sure to invite / include
  • - Place for any idea, no matter how crazy
  • - Ideals / Values of the event - Things to keep in mind
  • - Brain dump
  • - if we want to institute a CoC this is a place to start
  • - This document

Please keep all documents in markdown format (*.md). There is a helpful Markdown Cheatsheet for those new to the format - although Github does have its own flavor of the Markdown syntax.

If you want to become more involved, please email @Svpernova09 to be added to the Google Group!