The firmware and programmer for the RVAsec 2014 conference's electronic Badges.
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RVAs3c 2014 Badges, by Hack.RVA

This is the official repository of the RVAs3c 2014 Badges, designed and manufactured by the Richmond VA hackerspace, Hack.RVA.

The Badge features a 32-bit Microchip MCU (PIC32MX250128D), Nokia 5110 LCD, two linear capacitive touch sliders, a speaker, 8 yellow LEDs, IR Tx/Rx, micro USB, and a button.

Firmware Status

The 'rvase_day1_prod' branch will be left as the version flashed to the badges handed out to attendees. Other branches will be various alterations to this, maybe more or less buggy and more or less feature-rich. There is a fourth firmware floating around, but it is not yet publicised.

Data Sheets