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Hack The Printer Scoring Panel

This scoring panel was coded in a histerical rush, so its quality is quite low... But, it works! It simply displays a pretty scoring board for the Hack The Printer event in ekoparty13. You need to populate the database through Django Admin Panel, or directly to the chosen DB.

How to use

For developing or testing

Download a release or clone the repo and then, inside your virtual environment, run:

cd eko-panel
pip install -r requirements

cd eko
cp eko/ eko/

# Edit settings accordingly (change the secret key, disable debug, set static path, etc.)
vim eko/

./ collectstatic
./ check
./ makemigrations
./ migrate

# Run dev server
./ runserver

For a production server

NGINX + uWSGI + Django is the best combination. Check this project to create a Docker container: In the deploy directory there are some example config files. Just copy that directory to the server, then copy eko project dir into app/ and change the settings accordingly:

  • change SECRET_KEY for a long random value, such as: read -r -n 100 SECRET_KEY < <(LC_ALL=C tr -dc 'A-Za-z0-9_\-.,;:?/"[}]}|=+)(*&^%$#!@~' < /dev/urandom) && echo $SECRET_KEY (note than some characters where left out).
  • disable debug mode! set DEBUG = False.
  • set STATIC_ROOT = '/home/docker/volatile/static' (if you didn't changed any path).
  • change any other security related variable.

If you are going to use SSL, discard nginx-app.conf and overwrite it with nginx-app-ssl.conf.

Finally, simply run:

docker build -t hacktheprinter .
docker run -d -p 80:80 hacktheprinter

There's also a simple script, deploy.bash that does that, quick and ugly. READ IT FIRST! Don't blindly execute it.


"Hack The Printer" logo by Andres Snitcofsky, under WTFPL. Template design by A Fox, under WTFPL.

This project is under the WTFPL Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License. So, you know... Do what the fuck you want with this :)