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A media aggregator (and more) by 2014 Funky Idea Software, now released under MIT license



Moved to Haiku Archives 2015

  • Fixed x86_64 build
  • Move from Jam to Makefiles

BePodder 1.3.0 new features:

  • Added Icons to splitPane.
  • Replaced the application icon with the new icon by zuMi (Haiku only format) :)

1.3.0 ALPHA 2

  • Better OPML Parser: works also with iTunes exported files.
  • Fixed VLC loading

1.3.0 ALPHA 1

  • Redrawn Add Subscription panel
  • Adding Import OPML
  • Fixed bugs when removing a channel - if it was the last channel the right list is cleaned. - it actually fire a new channel selection.


  • Fixed open directory bug
  • Fixed setting filetype enclosure bug
  • DISABLED check version