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This is an attempt to create a new way to create documents or books. It moves away from the WYSIWYG paradigm of microsoft word, openoffice, etc. etc. etc. It takes a more keyboard only, thought flowing and typing markup language, object oriented approach where a user who has ideas or thoughts can jot these down and have them go into a list. to build their document/book, they would then order the list of thoughts, images, tables, etc. into the correct order and preview/publish their book.

When I write documents and books, I don't write them in order from the title, first chapter and on, I usually write down ideas as they come and then have to constantly cut and paste and re-order them as I go. Also, I spend way to much time fighting with the standard word processor and therefore I use a TeX system such as LaTeX. LaTeX lets me lay out my document how I want it, but it still has that ordered structured problem that drives me crazy. So i'm developing this app to see if my idea works well and whether or not anyone else out there also has problems or issues with the way documents and books are currently written and structured. I love the what you type is what you get of LaTeX, but the syntax can be harder for most and complex enough to still get in the way of the flow of a thought or idea.

I am developing this in C++ and am cutting my teeth in C++ by building this app. I have programmed in many languages, but never done any full blown gui stuff in C++. This app is being developed for Haiku, the open source OS that is the re-incarnation of BeOS. BeOS was the best OS ever until Haiku came around.

i guess in the end, the system is more of what you type is what you parse, since it uses a parser to produce your exported odt or pdf document.