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C Shell VimL
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compose Fill out the rest of the alphabet
dwm Add mutt configuration
qutebrowser Readd dwm config.h in prep for switch away from xmonad (tags-as-tags,…
zsh/completion Remove zsh/completion/_enlighten
README.rst Update todo
XCompose Huge addition to XCompose
Xdefaults Remove all URxvt values from Xdefaults
Xmodmap Initial Commit
alsoftrc PulseAudio Driver
tmux.conf Remove dead configs, fix title formatting
vimrc Attempt to force relative line numbering but keep current line with i…
xinitrc Add mutt configuration
zshrc Simplify bindkeys and conditionally define qmpv


Misc Config Files

Needed Updates:

  • Clean up and verify bin/dotinstall for functionality
  • Various additions to compose/*.xcompose
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