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Business Central Kickstart

A selection of open-source roadmaps to help everyone who wants to get started with development in Business Central!

Getting Started

You can find multiple file formats of each kickstart roadmap in the directories. If you are new to Business Central, you can find detailed descriptions of most information in the official Microsoft documentation of Business Central.

  • development kickstart: get started with the basics of development in Business Central
  • modules kickstart: get started with the modules that most companies use
  • resources: a collection of free resources to learn, consult and socialize!


The kickstart maps are definitely not an complete overview of all aspects Business Central has to offer. The aim of the kickstart maps is to bushwhack through the complexity every beginner faces. If you think the kickstart maps should definitely contain a specific piece of information, I'm happy to include your feedback! Then, as long as only one person creates the maps, only one point-of-view is represented. The more contributions, the better the maps will be!

You can either clone this repository and contribute your ideas as a Pull-request. Or, get in touch with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or here!

How to

The maps are created using

Simply download the Desktop-client or work in the web client.




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