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Hannover Gophers Talks

Here you can find the slides/examples/etc. from the talks, aswell as Talk Proposals, Ideas & Archive.

Submitting a Talk

To submit a talk, create a new issue. There we have prepared a template which you just need to fill out. After that, we will review your submission and set it as upcoming talk. If you want to add additional information like a preferred date, just add it as a new comment to your opened issue.

  • Before submitting, please make sure that your topic isn't covered yet by someone else in the issues.
  • If there is already an open issue with your topic as talk idea, please reference that issue in an extra comment.


How to create a meetup folder?

if you had a talk on one of our meetups, please left your sildes/examples here and make them available for the other members. So create a folder named like following pattern meetup-yyyy-MM-dd.

How to create a talk folder?

When you had the first talk then please create a folder with following pattern:

At the beginning you take the number of your talk and write it as a two-digit number 01. As separator please take the - symbol. And at least the topic you talked about in lower case. (e.g. "Features of Golang" = features-of-golang )

In combination the result looks like: 01-features-of-golang

Subfolders like slides or examples are very welcome.


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