Murmur (Mumble Server) Ice Wrapper for .NET
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Murmur Ice Wrapper for .NET

This is .NET wrapper of Mumble server Ice middleware.

It is used in Yulli Mur and in production for Free Mumble Server and CleanVoice Control Panel.


Download an archive from Releases, put all the files into a directory with your program and reference MurmurAdapter and MurmurVersion to your project.

Usage Example

	// create adapter for Murmur_1.2.9.dll
	var instance = new MurmurAdapter.Adapter("1.2.9").Instance;
	instance.Connect("", 6502, "secret");

	int users = 0;
	foreach (var s in instance.GetAllServers())
		if (s.Value.IsRunning())
			users += s.GetOnline();
			Console.WriteLine("[0] {1} users online", s.Value.Port, users);
	Console.WriteLine("\nOverall users online: {0}", users);
catch (ConnectionRefusedException e)
	Console.WriteLine("Could not connect");
catch (InvalidSecretException e)
	Console.WriteLine("Wrong Ice secret");
catch (Exception e)



The main wrapper implementation. But it should not be referenced to your project. It loaded by MurmurAdapter at runtime.

You have to reference only MurmurAdapter and MurmurPlugin.


Adapter that used to connect different Murmur Ice slice versions.

You can have several Ice connections with different slice versions inside one project.


Contain types and interfaces for Murmur.


Compiler for Murmur. When start it iterates MurmurVersionCompiler\Slice\*.cs files and replace Murmur.cs inside Murmur project with the subsequent build the project.

Thus each Ice slice will be compiled into Murmur\bin\Murmur_{VERSION}.dll

You have to put the dlls you need into a directory with your project.


Go to wiki