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Even lower-effort x-to-y bot setup with help from qauth
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A tool for even more rapidly scaffolding x-to-y style Twitter bots. Uses ~coleww's x-to-y and ~lalanl's qauth with a bit of glue splattered between.


##Use this if

  • You hate setting up your bots' authentication by hand.
  • You want to make a bot that replaces one word with another.

##Don't use this if

  • You're using a version of Node older than 4.0.0.
  • You want to retrieve your auth values from something besides the qauth-generated flat file.
  • You want to make a more complicated bot.
  • You hate fun.


qtoy(wordToReplace, newWord, language, [ignore])

See the x-to-y documentation for more info on the parameters.

// This is the entirety of the code that runs
const qtoy = require('q-to-y');
qtoy('CEO', 'final boss', 'en');
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