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Get the average color of every frame in a video and create a lovely color timeline
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Framed Movies

Get the average colour of every frame in a video and create a lovely colour timeline.


  • Python >= 3.5
  • PIL (pip install pillow)
  • OpenCV2 (pip install opencv-python)
  • Numpy (pip install numpy)


For a single video: put the video in the directory, run, follow the prompts and enter your resizing and frame skip settings to configure between speed and accuracy. For a directory of video, simply enter the directory when prompted Your image(s) will then be processed and placed in the same directory as your source.

Known issues

  • Block of black at the end of the image This is because credits with a black background with white text, when averaged, create a very dark grey, which creates this block.


Bee MovieBee Movie NemoNemo ShrekShrek

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