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  1. Merged #5 Update about minio/minio.io
  2. Merged #4 Add proper social themes minio/minio.io
  3. Merged #3 Add _site to gitignore minio/minio.io
  4. Merged #686 Move mc to minio-go from objectstorage-go minio/mc
  5. Merged #65 Move from objectstorage-go to minio-go minio/minio-go
  6. Merged #124 Move from objectstorage-java to minio-java minio/minio-java
  7. Merged #684 Handle 0byte file downloads properly minio/mc
  8. Merged #64 Fix range handling in objectstorage-go for 0byte files minio/minio-go
  9. Merged #613 Relax minium object size limit, one can really upload a 0byte file minio/minio
  10. Merged #683 Update to new changes in objectstorage-go minio/mc
  11. Merged #612 Add contributors file minio/minio
  12. Merged #682 Add contributors file minio/mc
  13. Merged #681 Add recursive listing with s3:... minio/mc
  14. Merged #680 On windows display directories with forward slash and also interpret prefixes minio/mc
  15. Merged #679 Fix missing work from diff command minio/mc
  16. Merged #678 Refactoring console printing style, supports --json even for error messages now - fixes #418 minio/mc
  17. Merged #63 Let space be encoded by we convert it back to meaningful character for amazon minio/minio-go
  18. Merged #676 Move debug prints back into console minio/mc
  19. Merged #122 Use max-uploads instead of max-keys for ListMultipartUploadsResult and limit listing to 1000 minio/minio-java
  20. Merged #675 Break diff into simpler functions minio/mc
  21. Merged #674 Fix diff handling of non-existant files from source and target minio/mc
  22. Merged #611 add missing validate access keys after extracted from AuthHeader minio/minio
  23. Merged #673 Fix a windows URL object to String() conversion, and add relevant tests minio/mc
  24. Merged #672 Reorder options, print only error messages minio/mc
  25. Merged #62 Implement more tests, now for endpoint, useragent minio/minio-go
  26. Merged #671 Expand aliasnames honoring "/" minio/mc
  27. Merged #670 Finish object handlers for mc commands, updated relevant tests respectively minio/mc
  28. Merged #668 Add typeD test with cp minio/mc
  29. Merged #667 Implement s3 module tests for objectOperations minio/mc
  30. Merged #61 Implement object operation tests minio/minio-go
  31. Merged #610 Fix some donut TODO's regarding bucket created date minio/minio
  32. Merged #609 Finish last bits of api testsuite on server minio/minio
  33. Merged #666 Update to new changes in objectstorage-go minio/mc
  34. Merged #60 Minor change in ACL value minio/minio-go
  35. Merged #665 Add s3 module tests for BucketOperations minio/mc
  36. Merged #664 Improve tests add SetUpSuite and TearDownSuite minio/mc
  37. Merged #663 Implement cp tests minio/mc
  38. Merged #59 For un-authenticated requests S3 sends back TemporaryRedirect handle it since has no error response body minio/minio-go
  39. Merged #662 Change closed brackets to quote characters and remove brackets for Reason minio/mc
  40. Merged #58 Update example test minio/minio-go
  41. Merged #57 Add an example test minio/minio-go
  42. Merged #661 Implement cat tests minio/mc
  43. Merged #660 Fix stat URL sent back on Stat() minio/mc
  44. Merged #659 Implement diff tests minio/mc
  45. Merged #608 Remove bitdell and analytics badge, these services are not working anymore minio/minio
  46. Merged #56 Adding tests for bucketOperations and URLEncoding minio/minio-go
  47. Merged #658 Add new tests for common methods minio/mc
  48. Merged #657 Update to new changes in multipart handling in objectstorage-go minio/mc
  49. Merged #55 Negate maxParts with 1 to compensate for last part overflowing minio/minio-go
  50. Merged #54 Increase calculated part size for multiparts heuristically using objectsize and maximum parts allowed, rather than using default 5MB minio/minio-go
  51. Merged #656 Complete fs tests for objectRange and List recursive minio/mc
  52. Merged #655 Remove frivolous newlines from diff minio/mc
  53. Merged #654 Re-arrange command definitions, in order of cli command ordering minio/mc
  54. Merged #653 Simplify listing recursively into one function, diff now supports <filename> <directory> style minio/mc
  55. Merged #652 If target exists skip for both sync and cp minio/mc
  56. Merged #607 Bump gocyclo back to 16 minio/minio
  57. Merged #650 Final working full utf-8 support minio/mc
  58. Merged #53 Character encoded hex strings should be in uppercase minio/minio-go
  59. Merged #649 S3/Minio now take different types of encoded characters minio/mc
  60. Merged #52 Support chinese characters, runes are larger minio/minio-go
  61. Merged #51 Full utf8 support for all object operations minio/minio-go
  62. Merged #648 Cleanup fs tests minio/mc
  63. Merged #647 Simplify GetObject, PutObject to not use md5sum for now. minio/mc
  64. Merged #646 Improve and use regexp for Scheme validation minio/mc
  65. Merged #645 Implement our own url.Parse with minimal functionality minio/mc
  66. Merged #644 Rename copy to cp minio/mc
  67. Merged #100 Minior change - Rearrange system property and a "," in between, update Javadoc minio/minio-java
  68. Merged #99 Change setUserAgent to addUserAgent to support app name, version and comments minio/minio-java
  69. Merged #643 Fix a bug for last part not being uploaded due to lack of short read error handling minio/mc
  70. Merged #50 ErrUnexpectedEOF is valid case during short read for the last Chunk minio/minio-go
  71. Merged #642 Add windows related path handling, now recursive cp, sync works properly minio/mc
  72. Merged #641 Use AddUserAgent function and make appropriate changes in mc minio/mc
  73. Merged #49 Minio change - Rename examples from CreateObject to PutObject minio/minio-go
  74. Merged #640 Remove dependency on url.Parse() use client.Parse implementation minio/mc
  75. Merged #48 Attach userAgent default into Request, into request handler minio/minio-go
  76. Merged #47 Provide a new function to add user agent with appname, version and list of comments in accordance with minio/minio-go
  77. Merged #639 Bring fixes from objectstorage-go minio/mc
  78. Merged #606 Fix duplicate map allocation minio/minio
  79. Merged #46 Fix a segfault when bucket doesn't exist minio/minio-go
  80. Merged #605 Update totalnumber of multiparts inside CreateObjectPart(), also introduce support for UploadIDMarker and Prefix for listMultipartUploads minio/minio
  81. Merged #638 Bring in new changes from objectstorage-go which allow for recursive infinite putObject() operation minio/mc
  82. Merged #45 More changes to objectstorage-go minio/minio-go
  83. Merged #637 Update to new changes in objectstorage-go minio/mc
  84. Merged #44 Handle arguments to be empty minio/minio-go
  85. Merged #43 Implement MultipartAbort(bucket, prefix) and MultipartAbortAll(bucket) minio/minio-go
  86. Merged #636 Convert writers to Blocking readers minio/mc
  87. Merged #42 Add stubs for new MultipartManagementOp code minio/minio-go