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MinIO is a high-performance, S3 compatible object storage.

MinIO offers high-performance, S3 compatible object storage. Native to Kubernetes, MinIO is the only object storage suite available on every public cloud, every Kubernetes distribution, the private cloud and the edge. MinIO is software-defined and is 100% open source under GNU AGPL v3.


  1. minio Public

    High Performance Object Storage for AI

    Go 39.3k 4.7k

  2. directpv Public

    Simple Kubernetes CSI driver for Direct Attached Storage 💽

    Go 397 66

  3. mc Public

    Simple | Fast tool to manage MinIO clusters ☁️

    Go 2.5k 471

  4. kes Public

    Simple | Secure KMS 🔒

    Go 385 69

  5. operator Public

    Simple Kubernetes Operator for MinIO clusters 💻

    TypeScript 936 393

  6. console Public

    Simple UI for MinIO Object Storage 🧮

    TypeScript 649 212