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Commands Setting up & Doc

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Let’s get started with the commands and the ping, to begin with Galaxy in a understandable and short version type &start in the a guild which has Galaxy.

Galaxy’s fun commands

yomomma Tells a yomomma joke. (Just please don’t take it seriously)

fliptext Flips the text! (For example: &fliptext Upside down)

anime Searches Anime from Kitsu (For example: &anime cute)

fortune Galaxy will tell your fortune!

leet Changes text to leeted format (For example: &leet Hey everyone!)

catfact Galaxy will tell you a cool catfact

piratespeak This command will change your text into a piratey format. (For example: &piratespeak Hey I am Galaxy)

reverse This command will change your text into a reversed format. (For example: &reverse Hey I am Galaxy)

dog This command will display a gif / picture of a dog, pretty cute huh?

choose* This command will let Galaxy choose an option (For example: &choose A pizza with a pineapple/Pineapple ice cream/cookies)

joke Galaxy will tell you a joke from the JokeNPM

8ball Galaxy will tell your future (not really, always ask for a second opinion) (For example: &8ball Am I cooler?)

cat This command will display a gif / picture of a cat, pretty cute huh?

meme Galaxy will display pictures of fucking memes.

movie Galaxy will gather information and tell you about a movie. (For example: &movie Star Wars)

tv Galaxy will gather information about a TV show and tell you. (For example: &tv Doctor Who)

slots Chill & play slots!

insult This contains REALLY bad insults, continue with caution

shame Rings the shame bell on someone! (For example: &shame @HasanBrandsXD#4120)

coinflip Galaxy will let you flip a coin and tell you weather you got heads or tails

Galaxy’s Action commands

slap Slaps a user! (For example: &slap @HasanBrandsXD#4120)

poke Pokes a user! (For example: &poke @HasanBrandsXD#4120)

highfive Highfives a user! (For example: &highfive @HasanBrandsXD#4120)

hug Hugs a user! (For example: &hug @HasanBrandsXD#4120)

tickle Tickles a user! (For example: &tickle @HasanBrandsXD#4120)

pat Pats <3 a user! (For example: &pat @HasanBrandsXD#4120)

Galaxy’s info commands

vote Spend some time to vote galaxy <3

about Shows additional information of Galaxy

*stats View the stats for your shard.

status Views the short-form of the status page from Exana.IO API

changelogs Shows Galaxy’s changelogs so you are informed of updates!

cmds Shows Galaxy’s commands (specifically this)

invite Views Galaxy’s invite link <3

start Shows how to start-up Galaxy.

ping Ping for your server

Galaxy’s Utility commands

reminder Sets a reminder! (For example: &reminder -d 10m30s Get back to work.)

poll Starts a poll _(For example: `&poll What should I do?;Play a game;Dance & sing

endpoll Ends the currentpoll you have started.

avatar Galaxy will show the avatar of the requested username. (For example: &avatar HasanBrandsXD#4120)

userinfo Galaxy will show the userinfo of the requested username. (For example: &userinfo @HasanBrandsXD#4120)

shorten Shortens a URL (For example: &shorten

forecast Shows the forecast (For example: &forecast Dubai)

weather Shows the current weather (For example: &weather Dubai)

wiki Search the wiki! (For example: &wiki galaxy)

google Searches Google (For example: &google Galaxy)

hello Galaxy will say hello in 15 different languages

discrim Searches discrim of someone (For example: &discrim 4120)

urban Searches the urban dictionary (For example: &urban Galaxy)

say Galaxy repeats you (For example: &say hi)

sinfo Views server info

Galaxy’s moderation commands

textmute Mutes a user from speaking from the whole server (For example: &textmute @HasanBrandsXD#4120 shitposting)

textunmute Unmutes a user from speaking from the whole server (For example: &textunmute @HasanBrandsXD#4120 admitted mistake)

kick Kicks the user (For example: &kick @HasanBrandsXD#4120 being stupid)

ban Bans the user (For example: &ban @HasanBrandsXD#4120 breaking rules)

mute Mutes the user (For example: &mute @HasanBrandsXD#4120 annoying)

unmute Unmutes the user (For example &unmute @HasanBrandsXD#4120 innocent)

warn Warns the user (For example: &warn @HasanBrandsXD#4120 spamming)

lockdown Lockdowns a channel (ms) (For example: &lockdown 500000000)

unban Unbans the user (For example: &unban <USER_ID>)

Galaxy’s Guild Owner command

greet Sets greet channel in a specific channel.

greetmessage Sets greet message (For example: &greetmessae Welcome $user to this $server)

farewell Sets farewell channel

farewellmessage Sets greet message (For example: &greetmessage Goodbye $user)

purge Purges the X amount of messages (For example: &purge 3)

modlog Enables mod log in the channel.

Galaxy’s voice commands

youtubesearch Searches youtube (For example: &youtubesearch This is my world) play Plays the music queued.

add Adds the music to the queue (YT URL ONLY) (For example: &add

pause Pauses the music

resume Resumes the music

skip Skips one song / music from the queue

join Joins your voice channel

time Shows the time of the current music playing done

Galaxy’s Game stats commands

minecraft Shows the info of IP & port requested (For example: &minecraft

battlefield4 (slow atm) Shows the Battlefield 4 player stats (For example: &battlefield4 Wipe)



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