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HatClient is a custom client for forks of hack.chat

About Login Screen Main Screen

HatClient recognizes Moderators and Admins

Admin and Mod messages

This is an EARLY DEMO, some features do not work as intended.

Features Coming Soon

Custom Avatars

I plan to add the ability to upload an image for your custom avatar, that will be shown beside your name. (To anyone using the latest version of HatClient) There are a few implemented as tests:

Custom Avatars Example

Easy Switching Between Rooms/Forks

Also coming soon, I plan to add a 'tab-system' to switch between multiple rooms or servers without having to leave the client!
In theory, you'll be able to seamlessly switch between rooms without ever disconnecting!
(no image)

Multiple Themes

HatClient currently has support for some themes which change colors and more, but it will soon have over 15 different themes. Perfect for any user!
The current themes available for HatClient include:

  • Default (The default, white backround and black text theme)
  • Dark (Dark background, grey text)
  • Solarized
    (Screenshots coming soon)

Built-in Emoji Menu

HatClient will soon have an emoji menu, which will allow you to select an emoji to be added into your message. These will be unicode emojis. Some support for this currently exists, but it doesn't like to work properly, so it may be added in the future.


  • Thanks to @marzavec for adding auto-scroll, and motivating me (eh, sorta?)


There are a few built-in commands for HatClient

  • /help — Displays all available commands.
  • /online — Displays the number of users connected to the current room.
  • /stats — Displays the number of unique IP's connected to the current fork, as well as the number of channels in use.
  • /morestats — Displays additional information about the current fork, such as the number of messages sent and server uptime.
  • /setTheme [theme] — Changes HatClient's theme without navigating to the settings menu. Available themes are dark, solarized, and default.

Mod-Only Commands

  • /ban [user] — Bans a user from the server.
  • /kick [user] — Kicks a user from the channel.

    More commands will be added in the future.

Adding a Server/Fork to HatClient

(I plan to automate this in the future)

Adding your own fork to the list requires a few steps.

Details coming soon