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Welcome to the gocd-plugins wiki!

SonarQube Quality Gate Plugin

Validate SonarQube quality gates from your pipeline. Checks if a specific quality gate in SonarQube is passed or if it is in error or warning state. This plugin can prevent further execution of the pipeline if a quality gate is not passed.SonarQube quality gate Wiki Page

Nessus Scan Plugin

Execute nessus security scans from go.CD. Configure your pipeline bahaviour based on the result of a scan. More at Nessus Scan Wiki Page

Check_MK monitoring plugin

Manage a host on a Check_MK monitoring server from a pipeline. Add or remove hosts directly to Check_MK using pipelines. More at Check_MK Monitoring Wiki Page

Docker task plugin

Builds a docker image from you material, tags it with the tag you set, pushes it to a registry you specify and then cleans up everything. More at Docker task plugin

Docker compose plugin

Executes docker compose build, pull, rm, stop, up commands. More at Docker compose plugin

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