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A Haxe documentation generator used by many popular projects such as:



Install the library via haxelib:

haxelib install dox


Note: Dox requires Haxe 3.1 or higher due to some minor changes in abstract rtti xml generation. You'll also need an up-to-date haxelib (requires support for classPath in haxelib.json)

  1. Compile all relevant code with Haxe using haxe -xml docs/doc.xml -D doc-gen.
  2. Invoke haxelib run dox -i docs, where dir points to the .xml file(s) generated by step 1.

📋 For more details, custom theme creation and options check out the Dox wiki

Local development

To test Dox locally, clone the git, run npm install in root of directory. This installs the correct Haxe version using Lix and installs the required dependencies.

After that you can run:

npx haxe --run Make dox xml pages server

This compiles Dox, creates xml's, generates the pages and starts a local dev server at http://localhost:2000.