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Enum constructor values incorrect in Haxe 3.1 Flash 8 target #2728

clarkjones opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Clark Jones Simon Krajewski
Clark Jones

Not sure if Flash 8 is still being supported but testing a library I'm working on with the lastest version of Haxe resulted in this issue.

    var myObject, enumBug, constructorValue;

    myObject = {
        foo : 'bar'

    enumBug = EnumBug.Constructor(myObject);

        case EnumBug.Constructor(obj):
            constructorValue = obj;

    trace('Constructor is of type: ' + Type.typeof(constructorValue));

    trace(constructorValue == myObject); //false in Flash 8 target

Here's a gist using muint of what I been seeing.
CPP target is commented out because of problems with that target as well. Not sure if that is related to munit though.

Simon Krajewski Simn closed this in 9383e61
Simon Krajewski

We don't really plan to invest a lot of time in fixing Flash 8 bugs, but your readme comment in that gist made me realize where the problem was right away. Thanks!

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