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This project contains a static website generator, it is mixing templates and markdown files into plain HTML files.


  • The template files are in assets/content/.
  • The static files (css, js, images) files are in assets/includes/.
  • The Haxe source files of the generator are in src/
  • The website-generated content will output in output/

Running a local copy

To run the project you need Haxe.

Call build-site.bat to re-generate the output files.

Contributing to the website/content

Please edit the website files, template and markdown in the assets folder and do a pull request.

Contributing to the generator

You need Haxe 3.2+ installed.

The static site generator source depends on hxtemplo and markdown. Install from haxelib:

haxelib install hxtemplo
haxelib install markdown