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An introductory book about Tezos, the crypto-currency with delegated proof of stake, smart contracts and governance.
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Chapter 1 - Tezos Origin and
Intro To Tezos
Notes and
Table of


An introductory book about Tezos, the crypto-currency with delegated proof of stake, smart contracts and governance.

Content is actually available on google drive

Will be slowly imported here. So look at the google drive for the latest and greatest

The content of this book will come from the contributions of many writers in the Tezos community.

This book will be licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

Hayek Lab ( will create a PDF version of the book to be distributed for free. Considering a paper book has better appeal to some readers and will give more prominence to Tezos, Hayek Lab intends on paying for the formatting required in order to publish the book in a physical paper book in softcover format. The book will be sold without any goals of making a profit but rather to mainly cover costs. Hayek Lab's role in this is to serve as the core editor and become the publisher and main collaborator in this project with the main intention to educate the growing Tezos community, whether they are investors, bakers, educators or smart contract developers.

Among the contributors of this project, we hope to see Graphic Designers as well as developers, editors, writers and proof-writers. Of course, we hope the Tezos foundation and the developers of the Tezos source code will help in validating and perhaps even contribute to documentation for this book.

Contributors can start at any time, some of the team members at Hayek Lab will do so as well. To participate, we will begin by using the platform where contributors can make comments or open pull requests with changes. We may choose to use google drive as well. Start by looking at the Notes and references document. Note that the book will also list the name of all contributors - unless of course they want to stay anonymous, or to use a pseudonym. We may choose google drive as well.

In addition, we would like the community of writers to be rewarded for their contribution to the book (in tezzies of course). The community will choose through voting on how the tezzies should be distributed among the contributors. A Tezos address has been setup for this purpose and Hayek Lab has funded it with an initial 200 tezzies:


Note that Phil Champagne and any other member of Hayek Lab is excluded from this reward.

Anyone can contribute donation as well.

We will use our twitter account (@HayekLab) to broadcast announcements related to this project.


Hayek Lab Team

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