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Hcash Projects information:

The official website of Hcash Https://

What is Hcash?

The UTXO-based blockchain system (e.g. Bitcoin) and account-based blockchain system (e.g. Ethereum ) opened the door of a brand-new world for us. Despite facing some drawbacks along the way, the impressive success of Bitcoin and Ethereum has certainly proven the value of the blockchain technology and its massive potential in the future. Since 2015, there has been quite a few highly-promising distributed ledger systems which are not block-based blockchain technology turned up, such as DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). With no doubt, a decentralized digital world is dawning and Bitcoin or Ethereum has the potential to become the fundamental currency in block-based blockchain system. IOTA or Byteball, on the other hand may fulfil a similar role in a system based upon DAG. Although all blockchain issued tokens can be traded on some exchange platform, they can only circulate within their own blockchain systems. We want to create a new decentralized platform, which will be the connecting point of the major blockchain systems, regardless the block-based or blockless-based blockchain system, hence allowing value and information circulate smoothly within different blockchain system. We call it “HyperCash” or Hcash in short.

Development Process

The Hcash is being developed by cryptography labs in one of the China’s most prestigious university as well as other famous universities in Australia. We will periodically update you with the progress on this over time, and we expected the first hardfork upgrade will happen soon at early Sept 2017. Thanks for your attention and stay tuned for the further update from Hcash dev team.


Hcash is released under the terms of the MIT license. To get more information please refer to