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HearthStats Companion

We are now officially supporting HearthstoneDeckTracker as the official HearthStats uploader for Windows. You can download it here:

This means this repo is no longer maintained!

(Previously known as the 'HearthStats Uploader')

This is a Java based utility designed to run in the background and automatically upload your win ratios and other statistics to while you play Hearthstone. This program uses screen grab analysis of your Hearthstone window and does not do any packet sniffing, monitoring, or network modification of any kind.

This project is and always will be open source so that you can do your own builds and see exactly what's happening within the program.


  • Support for both Windows and OS X
  • Automatically tracks constructed and arena matches
  • Tracks your class and your opponent's class
  • Tracks your rank level for ranked matches
  • Tracks your opponent's name
  • Tracks number of rounds played and match duration
  • Add notes to your matches directly from HearthStats Companion

See the Development Status wiki page for more detail about what is currently supported.

Running Beta Builds

This project is under HEAVY construction, but you can still run beta builds to help test things out or just see how things are going. Check out the project's milestones to see how things are progressing.

  • Make sure you have Java 7 installed
  • Download the latest release of the HearthStats Companion
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to any folder
    • On Windows, run HearthStats.exe in the folder where you extracted the zip file
    • On Mac OS X, run HearthStats in that folder, or from the Applications folder if you prefer
  • A window should open called "HearthStats Companion"
  • Start your Hearthstone client
    • On Windows, put Hearthstone in windowed mode (see issue #17)
    • On Mac OS X, you can run Hearthstone in windowed mode or full-screen
  • Look for notifications in the corner of your screen that indicate event detection
    • Notifications will only appear in windowed mode, not in full-screen mode
  • Give us feedback and ideas!

Known Issues

Please see the full list of known issues as well.

Contributing to this Project

There are several things you can do to help this project out: