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HearthStats makes it simple to keep track of your wins and losses. Take control of your game and learn about your strengths and weaknesses with a full suite of statistics with our completely free webapp.

You can access the live site at: HearthStats

The beta is located at: HearthStats Beta


If you are interested in helping out with, simply fork this repo and make whatever changes and then submit a pull request.

Please follow the Ruby Style Guide and also some best practices.

Make sure you fill the database with some sample data before starting development or else the app will break. We are working on providing some seed data.

You can setup the environment very easily with Vagrant. Check out the wiki for a walkthrough.

Sample API call:

Check out our wiki for API V1 and V2:







A ruby translation project managed on Locale that's open to all!

Contributing to hearthstats

  • Edit the translations directly on the hearthstats project on Locale.
  • That's it!
  • The maintainer will then pull translations from the Locale project and push to Github.

Happy translating!