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+ New feature or noticable improvement
* Improved functionality
- Bug fix or minor improvement
v 1.11 (unreleased)
v 1.10.17
- fix the zip filename
v 1.10.16
- fix the auto update url
v 1.10.15
+ Support new game modes (mission / tavern brawl)
+ Compatible hook engine with latest HearthStone version
+ Add an option to not attach to HearthStone on startup
+ Can start/stop capture engine from the toolbar
* Major performance optimization in the DirectX hook
* Startup performance optimizations
* Updated some screen capture detection hashes
- Hide deck in statusbar when in main menu
- Proper popup of game/arena flyouts
- Fix deck screenshot capture
- Updated 3rd party packages
- Make solution build on AppVeyor and deploy on GitHub
- Fixed some checkbox click areas
- Small code fixes and cleanup
v 1.9
No changelog for version 1.9 and before.