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Wallet/desktop specific changes:

  • Fixed Join Slack link
  • Orderbook alignment adjusted
  • Fixed history entries display bug

Contains SERVER >> Heatledger 2.1.0

This is a mandatory update, all nodes on the network need to run this version
or higher.

A hard fork will happen at block 870,000 at which we will update the block
version number, after that block older versions will not accept blocks from the
new fork and vice versa.

Nodes below 2.0.0 will automatically be blacklisted with this version.


To install and run heatledger server you need Java JDK 1.8 or higher installed, note that JDK is different from standard java distributions.

On ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install default-jdk

For other platforms look here


UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS [upgrade only, new installations can ignore]

This version will perform a full rescan of the blockchain upon first use, this
happens automatically.

API Documentation

Please look here for API docs https://heatwallet.com/api

List of updates/fixes/features.

  • one critical and two lesser bugs are fixed with this release. details of which
    will be released when the fork is complete.
  • the custom memory mapped storage maps for storing things like account balances
    or block ids are reduced in size, this saves several Gigabytes of storage
    needed in the blockchain folder
  • in case storage maps grow too big they will now automatically be resized